Sunday School

We offer a one-room Sunday School for children during the first part of our 10:00 am service.  Before joining their families for Communion, the children learn about the themes of Scripture and how they are relevant to their lives, using story and creative arts.  This is co-led, with one adult focusing on the older children (school-age) and the other available to provide specialized attention to the younger children (ages 1 through pre-school).

Children are always welcome to be with their families for the full worship service if that is their preference.  We have “quiet bags” available to help calm the wiggles, though we do not expect them to be able to sit still or silently.  Families with children are encouraged to sit in the front, closer to “where the action is” which helps to hold their attention and also is a great way for them to learn about worship and how it connects to faith.