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Newsletter, December 30

Reverend Sheelagh’s Thought for the Week: December 30, 2015

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

I can’t tell you how much this sentence means to me. There is so much packed in here. For me, it explains how we all came to be where we are. The Word, that spoke existence into being is also the Word, that becomes enfleshed and incarnate as Jesus, who knows the resurrection is assumed back into the one God. For humanity, who have the gift of language, it is something we can appreciate. Language, thought, creative ideas, all come from words. Change begins with one or two people expressing ideas in language. The greatest moments in life, are marked by special words.
Little wonder then, that this passage resonates. How marvelous that God would be Word. And yet we have so few words to express what God might be. Perhaps it is fitting, that the wordy creatures, just can’t explain it all. It is the same Word that causes us to cry out “abba, father!


Jan 7, Thursday7pmPreschool Committee Meeting
Jan 9, Saturday5:30pm-8:00pmTwelfth Night Party
Jan 10, Sunday11:15amCemetery Meeting
Jan 17, Sunday11amVestry Forum
Jan 17, Sunday11am-6pmLifetouch Photography
Jan 18, Monday2pm-9pmLifetouch Photography
Jan 31, Sunday9:30amAnnual Meeting

Serving at the Altar Sunday 1/3 & 1/10

8am Reader: M. Walker8am Reader TBD
10am Readers:
1. F. Dorn
2. TBD
3. TBD
10am Readers:
1. F. Dorn
2. TBD
3. TBD
Chalicists: TBDChalicists: TBD
Ushers: M & F Liu PriddyUshers: K. McClellan & M.Chech
Coffee hour: S. DinanCoffee hour: F. Taber
Altar Flowers: TBDAltar Flowers: TBD

Coffee Hosting And Flowers
Please sign up for coffee hour with Susan Dinan!  Please let Eugene or Claire know if you want to donate flowers.   Please consider taking ONE Sunday in memory of a loved one, or in thanksgiving for an event.  Flowers are priced at $40, $50 or $60 for the two vases.

The Annual Meeting Will  be held on January 31, 2016

January 17 11am-6pm & January 18, 2pm-9pm 2016!
Lifetouch Photography in the Parish Hall

We are getting ready to create a new photo directory and we need you to help make it complete! By participating you will receive a printed directory. Questions see Susan Dinan. sdinan@pace.edu



IHN needs your help the first week of January. Families will be staying in a hotel next week but still need dinners. If you can volunteer to make dinner, please contact Angie Benedict at angie@ihnessexnj.org. (973) 746-1400. Your home cooked meals will be most appreciated.
Dinners are needed: Monday, January 4 – Friday, January 8 to be delivered by 5:30pm to IHN headquarters at 46 Park Street in Montclair.
Family breakdown: 6 Adults, 1 teenager, 5 children, plus a 1 year old and a 3 year old.
Allergies: No pork, nuts, mangoes, pineapple, strawberries or shellfish.
As always thank you for your time and help.

Grocery Card Sunday is January 10, 2016
We will again have cards for Shop Rite and Kings. We have doubled our Shop Rite order this month so that we can accommodate everyone.
Please contact Blair Majtyka with any questions, blairmajtyka@me.com, 973-801-1471.
Thank you!


Please be sure to get checks into Dominic by year end to meet charitable donation deadline for tax year 2015.

The Church Office will be closed Thursday December 31 and Friday January 1, 2016. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year.