11 Jan

Newsletter, January 11

 Rev. Sheelagh’s Thought For The Week
The Epiphany season is about Jesus as the “light of the world.”  In our everyday speech we use the idea of light and dark to convey deep meaning; some examples include “I’ve seen the light,” “enlightenment,” “you light up my life” and so on.  I wonder what we mean when we say these things?  And I wonder what we mean when we say Christ is the light of the world?  These things come from understandings that are born of myth, scripture and the passage of time – but they hold truth in and of themselves. As we go through the next few dark months of winter, let us rejoice in the places we see light.  Let us rejoice in the good things of our lives, and in the promise of God’s faithfulness throughout; “Happy are they who trust in the Lord!” says the psalmist.  I wonder in today’s world, just how much any of us really place our absolute trust in the Lord, and how much we really only trust in ourselves.  A lot of wondering on my part…What do you think?

Jan 15, Sunday11amGrocery Gift Card Sunday
Jan 18, Wednesday7:30pm-10pmFinance Committee Meeting
Jan 22, Sunday11:30am-1pmVestry Meeting
Jan 27 & 28
Friday & Saturday
8am-10pmDiocesan Annual Convention
Jan 29, Sunday10amSt. Stephen’s Annual Meeting
 Serving at the Altar  1/15 & 1/22
Jan 15, 2017
Jan 22, 2017
8am Reader: M. Ellingham
8am Reader: M. Walker
10am Readers:
1. K. Hanson
2. J. James
3. O. Owolabi
10am Readers:
1. M. Barakat
2. K. Wade
3. L. Owolabi
Chalicist: J. SoughanChalicist: J. Scharff
Ushers: TBD
Ushers: O. & P. Moore
Altar Guild: M. Walker & T. Scharff
Altar Guild: M. Walker & A. Cole
Coffee Hour: Open
Coffee Hour: Open
Altar Flowers: Open
Altar Flowers: M. Nazareth
Upcoming Events
15, January 2017
St. Stephen’s Grocery Gift Card Fundraiser –
January orders for Shop Rite and Kings gift cards will be taken this Sunday to support our operating budget.  If you shop at either Shop Rite or Kings, please consider purchasing gift cards.  Order forms are available in church, on the website http://ststephensmillburn.org or can be emailed to you. Cash/checks (payable to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church) only, please.
Won’t be able to get to church? No problem, send me an email
or call and I’ll place your order!  Forgot your checkbook?  Just drop a check in the mail (attn.: Grocery Cards c/o St. Stephen’s) or pop it through the mailbox
slot at the rectory during the week.

If you haven’t considered using gift cards, ask how this easy and no-cost fundraiser may be right for you!  More info: contact Blair Majtyka, 973-801-1471, blairmajtyka@me.com.   Get into the habit of shopping with gift cards!!

The Annual Diocesan Convention

The Annual Diocesan Convention is slated for Friday January 27 and Saturday the 28th of January at the Hilton Hotel in Parsippany.  St Stephen’s will be represented by your elected delegates, Sarah Jeter and Oyin Owolabi, and your two clergy, for the business sessions of Diocesan policy, positions and budgets. The Bishop and Chair of Convention have also extended an open invitation to anyone who would like to attend the listening and conversation sessions. These have been well received to date,  and given people new hope and vision. Please let me know if you want to go as soon as possible.

Parish Annual Meeting
Our Parish Annual Meeting will be the 29th of January, beginning with the Eucharist at 10am  This is when we elect our Vestry, Wardens and Leadership of the Church.  We also present our proposed budgets for 2017, and our annual reports of 2016.
Dates & Deadlines
If you have any dates or events that need adding to the St. Stephen’s Calendar please send them to Claire, and all articles and e-mails for the newsletter by NOON on Tuesday to church@ststephensmillburn.org.  Thank You.