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Newsletter June 10, 2015

Reverend Sheelagh’s Thought for the Week: June 10, 2015

The parable of the mustard seed always comes at a time when the weeds and bird gifts start to spring up in my garden; and I am always amazed how robust they are, and how quickly they take over. Jesus speaks to his followers in these little vignettes because living off the land and sea, most people understood them. The mustard tree is a crop tree, it has a purpose in middle eastern cuisine, unlike my weeds. Not only is it nutritious but it provides shelter for wildlife. The story today is that everything and everyone has a purpose, and that purpose is to support the creative love of God. And yes, that includes you. What are the gifts you are blessed with to make your contribution to this life? The marvel is, that all we are, as with the mustard tree, comes from a tiny microscopic speck of DNA. Think on the wonder of that!

June 18, Thursday4:00 pmPre-school graduation
June 18, Thursday7:30 pmFinance Meeting
July 8, WednesdayTBAYouth Mission Trip
Week of August 24-2811:00am – 3:30pmDrumming Camp at St. Stephen’s
Serving at the Altar Sunday 6/7 & 6/14
8 am Reader:   Carol Francis
8 am Reader: M. Walker
10 am Readers:
1. B. Riedel
2. J. Herry
3. L. Owalabi
10 am Readers:
1. F. Dorn
2. N/A
3. B. Riedel
Chalicist:   S. Clarke
Chalicist: D. Price
Ushers:   Sam and Soraya Polanco
Ushers: James and Katie Wade
Coffee Hour Host: Barbara Riedel
Flowers are given by: John and Theresa Scharff
Coffee Hour Host: Maryalice Chech
Flowers are given by: Karry McClellan in memory of her mother

Coffee hosting and flowers

Please let Eugene or Claire in the office know if you want to donate flowers.
Please sign up for coffee with Susan Dinan.



Forum:  Bulletin Changes, Vestry Projects and Updates
MANY thanks to the group that met with us during Coffee Hour last week! We shared updates on 4 key priorities the Vestry is working on and had lively discussion about the weekly communication vehicles, especially our bulletin. The feedback and suggestions were great and we will now work through what can be incorporated in the bulletin. If you missed this discussion and have some thoughts to share please feel free to reach out to one of us on the Vestry. We will share our refined bulletin as well as regular updates on the 4 priorities as we move forward. Thanks again! The vestry is serving the church, its members, the community and St. Stephens’ mission.


Summer Music

Soon the Senior Choir will be taking their well-deserved summer vacation. If you would like to make a musical contribution to our 10:00 a.m. services during the summer months, please contact Kim Williams at kkawe@optonline.net or see her at Coffee Hour.  Solos or small ensembles are welcome, vocal or instrumental.

Shakespeare in the Summer?


The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Starts June 9, 2015

The date for the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is flexible for those interested. The original date was listed as July 19 – a Sunday evening. If July 25 – a Saturday, is a better date, please let me know. All those seriously interested please let me know ASAP so we can reserve tickets and make travel/dinner plans. Theresa Scharff 908 686 5489.



If you have a mailbox in the church office please don’t forget to pick up your mail, there are quite a few boxes that are very full.