03 May

Newsletter, May 3

Rev. Sheelagh’s Thought For The Week
Good shepherd Sunday is always the fourth Sunday after Easter, reminding us that God cares for us and seeks us out.  This year we have our family friendly service and we will listen to a children’s version of the gospel read from a chair this week, like story time.  If you have a toy lamb or sheep, bring it.
Sheep farmers know that sheep learn specific clicks and whistles, and will faithfully follow the shepherd they know.  The Gospel of John tells us we come to know God’s voice when we hear it, and follow what we hear.  I wonder when and how you have been aware of God’s “voice”?  I also wonder what our children will make of it?  We’ll see.  Don’t miss it!

May 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31, Wednesday7pm-8:45pmPilgrim
May 9, Tuesday11am-2pmSenior Luncheon & Movie
May 9, Tuesday7:30pm-10pmFinance Committee Meeting
May 11, Thursday7pm-9:30pmPreschool Committee Meeting
May 20, Saturday10:30am-1pmChristine’s Kitchen
May 21, 201711:15amNorth Porch Baby Shower
May 21, Sunday11:30am-1pmVestry Meeting
Serving at the Altar  5/7 & 5/14
May 7, 2017
8am Reader: M. Ellingham
May 14, 2017
8am Reader: N. Sieffert
10am Readers:
1. T. Scharff
2. F. Dorn
3. F. Young
10am Readers:
1. S. Polanco
2. B. Churchill
3. K. Hanson
Chalicist: D. ColeChalicist: R. Riedel
Ushers: J. & T. Scharff
Ushers: M.A. Chech & P. Boegershausen
Altar Guild: M. Nazareth, J. & T. Scharff
Altar Guild: N. Sieffert & J. Dorn
Coffee Hour: The Rugbeer Family
Coffee Hour: Open
Altar Flowers: F. & S.R. Dorn
Altar Flowers: M. Nazareth
Welcome to a new Episcopalian:
Congratulations to Heloisa Rooney who was received by the Bishop of Newark on Sunday.  It was a glorious celebration of the power of God’s love in our lives. The Bishop’s homily was great – don’t strive for the As of accumulation, achievement, awards and affirmation (and you can add a bunch to that), instead we are charged to pursue the values of the three R’s of religion, relationships and reconciliation. Seems a good message to me.
Good News
Dear Fellow Episcopalians of the Diocese of Newark,
We just received good news that Catalino Guerrero was granted a one-year stay with the help of our rallying over the past few months. Good work, everyone.
But the work is, of course, not done; there are many other peoples and families threatened.
We are hoping to gather over 500 clergy and people of faith on Thursday, May 4, 7-9 p.m. to help other undocumented families and people along with the organizing efforts of Faith in New Jersey.  See the registration link below for more information.
Please let Brent Bates, Joseph Harmon, or John Mennell know you are coming and register at https://noonestandsorfightsalone.eventbrite.com for the May 4th event. And register and bring along your friends, family and fellow parishioners.
May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 & June 7 & 14
 2017 from 7pm-8:45pm
Pilgrim group continues its pilgrimage: interested in going deeper? Meet on Wednesdays….

Pilgrim is a program of spiritual growth and reflection on Scripture.

The second session of Pilgrim will begin on Wednesday,  May 3  from 7pm – 8:45pm and continue throughout May into the second week of June.  New members are welcome –  participation in the first session is not required to join. Also, while consistent participation is a plus, it is not required that you attend every meeting.  Thanks and hope to see you in May!!
Christine’s Kitchen
May 20, 2017 from 10:30am-1pm
We are looking for a small team of people willing to commit to coordinating and managing this ministry.  Please let us know if you can give some of your time and talent to do this worthy outreach.
We serve neighbors in need at Christine’s Kitchen at Holy Trinity in West Orange. Holy Trinity is located at Washington and Main Streets in West Orange.  Parking is on the street.  We can use entrees, fruit, and other foods, as well as volunteers.   If you feel like bringing something additional, do so!  Food will not go to waste. If you would like to volunteer or contribute, please call Claas Ehlers at 908 451-0426.
North Porch Baby Shower, May 21, 2017 At Coffee hour
Let’s get ready for the North Porch Baby Shower at Coffee Hour on May 21. This is our main yearly event to offer support and needed baby supplies to the North Porch ministry of the Newark Diocese.  North Porch provides emergency items such as diapers, baby food, infant formula, and toiletries to mother and infants. Collection boxes will be placed in the Narthex beginning Sunday, May 6 for your contributions or you may bring these on May 21 during Coffee Hour.  You may also make a monetary contribution to North Porch. http://www.northporch.org/northporch/
Questions?  Call Theresa Scharff  908 686 5489

Save The Date, June 25, 2017 At 7:30pm
The trip on June 25 to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is in the planning process.  If you have any questions give me a call at 908 686 5489. Thanks!! Theresa Scharff
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Friday: 9am-1pm
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