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Newsletter, May 31

Rev. Sheelagh’s Thought For The Week
This weekend brings us to the end of the Easter season, with Pentecost, and the beginning of what is known as ordinary time.  Maybe it’s ordinary because there are no more climactic events, like the Resurrection, Ascension or Pentecost, where the divine seems to intervene directly into the life of the church. But let’s not rush.  Pentecost is, and should be a big deal.  It’s the moment where despite differences and everyone seemingly speaking in different tongues, everyone hears the same message.  How much our hearts yearn for that?  Peace, justice, equality, dignity – are all fruits of the kingdom of God.  Maybe the only universal language is that which shows itself as love.  The meeting of the eyes, the time to be present, the sharing of laughter and joy- these are all marks of love incarnate.  As we baptize Samantha this weekend, fly our red banners, celebrate our children, graduates, choristers and our musicians, let’s be open to the spirit of God’s love and joy.  Will we see the spirit of God alight on each one of us?  I hope so, at least in our smiles and faces. +


May 31 & June 7, Wednesday7pm-8:45pmPilgrim
June 4, Sunday11:30am
Drumming Camp Meeting
Common Room
June 13, Tuesday11am-2pmSenior Luncheon
June 20, Tuesday7:30pm-10pmFinance Committee Meeting
June 25, Sunday
Annual Mustard Seed Meeting
June 25, Sunday11:45am-1pmVestry Meeting
June 25, Sunday1pm-2pmAnnual Mustard Seed Meeting
June 25, Sunday7:30pmHudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

 Serving at the Altar  6/4 & 6/11
June 4, 2017
8am Reader: C. Francis
June 11, 2017
8am Reader: M. Ellingham
10am Readers:
1. T. Scharff
2. K. Hanson
3. F. Taber
10am Readers:
1. K. Conway
2. B. Churchill
3. K. Wade
Chalicist: J. SoughanChalicist: D. Cole
Ushers: H. Rooney & M.A. Chech
Ushers: F.L. & M. Priddy
Altar Guild: C. Francis & J. Dorn
Altar Guild: M. Nazareth, T. & J. Scharff
Coffee Hour: The Dorn Family
Coffee Hour: The Wade Family
Altar Flowers: M. & J. Stack
K. Williams, Choir appreciation
Altar Flowers: T. & J. Scharff

Please Join Us In Prayer As We Search For Our Next Bishop

Gracious God,
We, your people in the Diocese of Newark, give you thanks and praise for your work among us and through us, generation to generation. Lead us in the months ahead as we prayerfully search for our next Bishop. Raise up for us a steadfast steward who will embrace our broad and blessed diversity and uphold the apostolic heritage of your Church. Guide us to a faithful witness who speaks the Gospel truth in love and joy, and intimately knows your Word and world. Direct us, your disciples, in our discernment so our faith may increase and our works glorify your Name. All this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit, be honor and glory throughout all ages. Amen.


First Sundays Family Friendly Service This Week
First Sunday we continue to tweak our worship to include all God’s children (big and small).  We will hear a short children’s version of our Gospel reading and a children’s message (you can take the full text with you).


North Porch
Thanks to all who contributed to the North Porch Baby Shower on May 21, 2017.  The items have been delivered to the new center at St. Peter’s in Morristown.  If you missed this collection or want to give again you can do so at the annual Christmas in July collection.

Summer is Coming!
June 4, Pentecost marks the end of our program year,  when we will appreciate our choir, move to a generic bulletin, finish our regular programs of seniors’ lunches, Bible studies and other things we do regularly.  We will also baptize Samantha Chronley and welcome our children into church to celebrate the baptism.  Coffee hour becomes punch in the garden – weather permitting.  It’s a great time for sunhats, watermelon and other summer treats.
There are plenty of summer offerings though. A summer workshop on July 26th at Grace Church Madison, “Ditch your devices and feed your soul” featuring the labyrinth, a dream workshop, sacred art, yoga, prayer and breathwork. We will be hosting our fifth annual Drumming Camp on August 28-September 2.  More details to come shortly, but mark the dates and let Susan Dinan and Fran Taber know if you want to be involved and help.
The summer brings an opportunity to share something fun with our Sunday school children.  What can you do? Bake a cake, paint a picture, plant a pot, make a kite – any practical activity is great fun during the summer months for our kids and if you can tell a little of your faith story in there – even better!

High School / College students needed. Service hours, Internship?
We have a variety of small short term projects that need your help. Please call or e-mail Claire in the Church office. (Hours flexible to suit your schedule.)

May 31 & June 7
 2017 from 7pm-8:45pm
Pilgrim group continues its pilgrimage: interested in going deeper? Meet on Wednesdays from 7pm – 8:45pm in the rectory May through June 7.

Pilgrim is a program of spiritual growth and reflection on Scripture.

New members are welcome –  participation in the first session is not required to join.  Also, while consistent participation is a plus, it is not required that you attend every meeting.  Thanks and hope to see you there!!

Save The Date, June 25, 2017 At 7:30pm
The trip on June 25 to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is in the planning process.  If you have any questions give me a call at 908 686 5489. Thanks!! Theresa Scharff.

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Monday: Closed
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Thursday: 9am-4:30pm
Friday: 9am-1pm
You may leave a message by phone or e-mail when the office is closed, we will respond to your message when we return.
Thank You.
Dates & Deadlines
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