Prayer and Worship at Home

Many people pray at home, which is a wonderful way to move deeper into the heart of God. Did you know there are ways to worship at home, too? Though we tend to think worship is something we do together in a building specifically designed for that purpose with a clergy person present, we are all invited to worship God wherever we are, whenever we choose.

You’ll find some excellent resources on our Bulletins and Resources page. We’ll be updating these resources as we learn of others, so keep checking back.

Creating sacred space: Though a church and clergy are not necessary for worship and it can be done anywhere, it is also true that certain kinds of spaces seem to help us settle in and focus better than others do. You don’t need anything elaborate or large to make a sacred space. Simply find a space that you can dedicate to this for however long you choose to have it.

Set it with objects that remind you of God’s love for you and help you to focus on being present to God. Some common objects are a cross and a candle. A Bible or prayer book also helps most people. Some people like a reminder of God at work in creation so include a stone, plant, or some other natural object. Some like sacred or meditative music. Some like a quiet corner, others a window in the space. The point is to create the space that draws you in and, if possible, to dedicate this space for this purpose. That said, if you don’t have a place you can create and leave in place, gather the objects and put them in place as you need them to pray and worship.