Beautiful, historic St. Stephen’s Church and the Parish Hall are available for weddings. The Rector is happy to discuss marriage at St. Stephen’s with any committed couple who wishes to be married, or have their marriage blessed in the sight of God.

To prepare for the service the rector will meet with the couple on three occasions prior to the rehearsal and wedding. Couples who live outside of New Jersey but wish to be married at St. Stephen’s may arrange, in concert with  our priest, to  meet with a clergy person in their local area.

Generally, couples that wish to marry at St. Stephen’s are responsible for:

  • Scheduling meetings, rehearsal, and the ceremony
  • Arranging music, flowers, photography, and any special decorations for the sanctuary
  • Obtaining a marriage license, which is presented to the priest officiating the service during the rehearsal gathering

To have your wedding at St. Stephen’s, the Episcopal Church simply requires that you are legally able to marry, and that at least one of the two individuals has been baptized within any Christian denomination; you do not have to be an Episcopalian or a member of Saint Stephen’s to have your service here.

Members of other religious traditions are invited to have a priest, rabbi, or clergyperson of your faith participate in your ceremony at St. Stephen’s.

In addition, individuals who have been divorced can be remarried at Saint Stephen’s. Remarriage after divorce requires the bishop’s permission, but this is nearly always a simple matter and nothing to worry about.

For more information about weddings at St. Stephen’s please email us or call the Church office directly at (973) 376-0688 x 21.