04 Feb

Newsletter, February 3

Reverend Sheelagh’s Thought for the Week: February 3, 2016

This Sunday marks the end of the Epiphany season and heralds our entry into Lent next Wednesday.  Yes, it is early this year, governed by the phases of the moon that fix the Easter date, which is also early on March 27.  The theme, as with the star at the birth of Christ, is one of Light.  For me, God and Christ are always presented as light, and John’s words “in his light, we see light” have been a touchstone of my faith.  Following the Diocesan Convention address by our Bishop (www.dioceseofnewark.org), we are all now aware (if we weren’t before) that we are in the midst of a tsunami of change, and that business as usual just won’t cut it.  Please take a moment to read his address. In light of that, Paul’s words provide a touchstone for us: “Therefore, since it is by God’s mercy that we are engaged in this ministry, we do not lose heart.” We are not to get bogged down building dwellings for Christ, or Moses, or Elijah,  but to go into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit, radiant with the light of our faith that will draw people near. Let us look to the source of our being, and fix our eyes on the ultimate purpose of our community life together.  +Reminders

Feb 7, Sunday11am-12pmLenten Spirituality Group
Feb 9, Tuesday11am-2pmSenior Luncheon
Feb 9, Tuesday6pm-8pmPancake Tuesday
Feb 10, Wednesday6:30am-7:30amAshes to Go, Millburn Train Station
Feb 10, Wednesday12pm & 8pmAsh Wednesday Services
Feb 17, Wednesday7:30pm-10pmFinance Committee Meeting
Feb 20, Saturday10:30am-1pmChristine’s Kitchen
Feb 21, Sunday11:30am-1pmVestry Meeting
Feb 28, Sunday4pm-5pmBeckerath Organ Recital

Serving at the Altar 2/7  2/10/ & 2/14

8am Reader:  C. Francis12pm Reader: D. Cole8am Reader: M. Ellingham
10am Readers:
1. J. James
2. K. Conway
3. F. Young
8pm Reader:
1. E. Pluta
10am Readers:
1. B. Riedel
2. P. Wick
3. T. Scharff
Chalicists: J. SoughanChalicists: J. Scharff
Ushers: S. & S. PolancoUshers: C. Ehlers & E. Pluta
Coffee hour: B. RiedelCoffee hour: Open


Please send all articles and e-mails for the newsletter to Claire at church@st.stephensmillburn.org

“Who is my Neighbor” by Barbara Winson Riedel

Who is my Neighbor was the theme of the Episcopal Convention.  After attending workshops, listening to the Bishop’s address, seeing videos about the work of congregations in our Diocese, I have a clearer idea of what Rev. Sheelagh has been sharing with us about Going Local and my personal idea of who is my neighbor.  Bishop Beckwith stated that we are in a tsunami of change and the church as we know it is changing radically and things will not go back to what they were.  It is not the cultural norm to join a church.  We have to join God in our neighborhoods.  There was no one answer, but the Diocese is learning new ways to have a different imagination in this process. The hope exists in being part of the holy experiment.

Personally, as someone who lives a distance from church, I have thought about who is my neighbor and how do I relate that to Millburn.  I think I can be part of the St. Stephen’s community and look to my ‘neighbor’ with the Soup Kitchens, IHN and other ministries.  I can look to my neighbor in the pew and reach out to people during coffee hour.  I can be present to really listen to others.  I can be open for opportunities in all places.  The Bishop asked about the neighborhood we live in and I see where I can practice that in my own neighborhood.  The overriding question for me however is, How do I think the Spirit of God might be nudging me?



Sunday, 7 February, is the day of the Super Bowl, but it also is SOUPER SUNDAY. Please bring cans of soup that day for our food barrel; all varieties are welcome!

Grocery Card Sunday

Grocery Card Sunday is this week, we will again have cards for Shop Rite and Kings.
Please contact Blair Majtyka with any questions, blairmajtyka@me.com,
Thank you!

Lenten Spirituality Group

“Spirituality for the Second Half of Life” is being offered during the Lenten season by Theresa Scharff.  All those who are in the second half of life are invited to participate in an informational meeting on Sunday, February 7 at 11am in the common room.  During this  first meeting you will receive further  information about the group to help you decide if you want to  participate.

If you are ” of the age” and feel a  desire to enter more fully into the spirituality you may feel called to explore, please come and learn more.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper!! 
Tuesday February 9, 2016 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Grab your friends and family and join us in the Parish Hall for our annual pancake supper.  Supper includes plenty of pancakes, sausages, apple sauce, and drinks! Cost – $6 per person; $15 for a family of four; $20 for a larger family. Please also note that we have plenty of volunteer work shifts open; anybody interested please contact Denise Price 917-548-5520 or denise.price75@yahoo.com.

We are mindful that are supper starts as preschoolers are leaving, please park on the street if you are able so we can save the parking lot for families who may be picking up their children. Thanks!

Christine’s Kitchen
February 20, 10:30am – 1pm

We serve neighbors in need at Christine’s Kitchen at Holy Trinity in West Orange.  Holy Trinity is located at Washington and Main Streets in West Orange. Parking is on the street.  We can use entrees, fruit, and other foods, as well as volunteers.   If you feel like bringing something additional, do so!  Food will not go to waste.

if you want to volunteer or contribute call Claas at 908 451-0426, or email him at cehlers@familypromise.org.

Beckerath Organ Recital

The current 46th season will continue with recitals by our own John Charles Schucker on Feb 28 at 4pm, and by Ian Tomesch on April 24. We hope you can join us, especially for John’s recital on Feb 28, which will include his guided introduction to the workings of our own “King of Instruments.”

The recital generally runs about an hour and is immediately followed by a “Reception” in the Parish Hall where you can meet the artist.  For more information pick up a season brochure at the table by the church entrance-or speak to John or to Peggy and other Friends of Music.

Poems & Reflections

Writers-Please consider writing a short meditation, poem or reflection during Lent. Everyone can participate, at any level.  Interested? Curious?  Please contact Rev.   Sheelagh for more information.