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Newsletter, July 22

Reverend Sheelagh’s Thought for the Week: July 22, 2015 

“I pray that…he may grant that you may be strengthened in your inner being with power through his Spirit, and that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, as you are being rooted and grounded in love.” Ephesians 3:15

As we kick back a little, and slow down the pace some, we are invited in a number of ways to root and ground ourselves.  Maybe we need to review our work lives, and reset the balance on career and family time?  Maybe we need to take a hard look at the scales and adjust our eating and exercise habits to lose that weight and improve our health?  Maybe we need to sleep more, or worry less?  All of these things help us to be more fully the human person we are intended to be; but more importantly, practical as these things sound, they are in fact profoundly spiritual too.  Being in better balance, taking more time with family, becoming healthier are all ways that we are rooted in God’s love.  That love, incarnate in us, then spreads to bring more love into our relationships, with ourselves and with others. When Christ dwells in our heart, everything we are and can potentially become is grounded in our faith. In Christ’s love, we are invited to become the fullest, most abundant, most whole person we can be – for that is the love of God for each one of us.

All July10:00 amNorth Porch, Christmas in July
July 22, Wednesday7:30 pmFinance Committee Meeting
July 29, Wednesday6:30 pm -8:30 pmSummer Workshop, St. Agnes’s
Week of August 24-287:30 pmVestry Meeting in Rectory
July 8, Wednesday10:00 amYouth Mission Trip
Week of August 24-2811:00 am – 3:30 pmDrumming Camp at St. Stephen’s
August 29, Saturday10.30am – 1pmChristine’s Kitchen
Week of August 24-28Week of August 24-28Week of August 24-28
Serving at the Altar Sunday 7/26 & 8/2
8 am Reader:  A. Walker
8 am Reader: C. Francis
10 am Readers:
1. L. Owolabi
2. N/A
3. F. Dorn
10 am Readers:
1. E. Pluta
2. N/A
3. C. Ehlers
Chalicist: R. Cole
Chalicist:S. Macbeth
Ushers:Jeff and Blair MajtykaUshers: Claas Ehlers and Ellen Pluta
Coffee Hour Host: Theresa ScharffCoffee Hour Host: Alex and Dick Cole
Flowers are given by: Marvin Walker in memory of Alvin Harris.

Coffee hosting and flowers 

Please let Eugene or Claire in the office know if you want to donate flowers.
No one has signed up for the coffee hour for the next few weeks.  Please sign up with Susan Dinan.

Food Barrel:  Good News … Bad News … Good News

The CAN-CAN sale at the ShopRite is in progress, and this and other sales at grocery stores near you this summer give you the chance to help fill our barrel with those cans and boxes of non-perishable food that it needs.
The Good News is that Barbara Reidel, Denise Price, Matthew Price, and Eric Thoroman, accompanied on organ by John Schucker, gave a compelling performance in support of the food barrel at announcement time last Sunday.
The Bad News is that some of you missed that performance, BUT
The Good News is that you may still honor their sterling theatrical achievement by CONTRIBUTING TO OUR FOOD BARREL!

Summer Sharing

Over the summer we take a break from Sunday School and have informal sharing time with our youngest members. You can share an activity with the children that is close to your heart, brings you joy, or helps you feel the presence of God. The possibilities are endless: go for a walk in Taylor Park, play a game of soccer or cricket on the lawn, bake a treat, work on a craft, or teach a song. No experience is necessary and if you would like any assistance please contact Denise Price. 917-548-5520.

Summer Music

If you would like to make a musical contribution to our 10:00 a.m. services during the summer months, please contact Kim Williams at kkawe@optonline.net or see her at Coffee Hour.  Solos or small ensembles are welcome, vocal or instrumental.

What’s your favorite hymn?

Please submit your favorite hymn title(s) to Kim Williams (kkawe@optonline.net) or Rev. Sheelagh and we will do our best to include them in one of the summer services. If your favorite is from a source other than the 1982 Hymnal or St. Stephen’s Hymnal, please include the source.

Summer Reading with Rev. Sheelagh

Summer reading book group. You are invited to read along with me this summer. I intend to revisit C.S.Lewis “The Screwtape Letters” and we can meet on a balmy late summer evening to discuss it. More to come, but buy/ borrow the book. It’s a provocative read.


North Porch – Christmas in July

Collection for North Porch begins this Sunday. Collection boxes will be in the narthex. Items are emergency needs such as diapers, Enfamil, baby toiletries and baby wipes. The collection will culminate on July 26 at Coffee Hour.


St John’s Kitchen

August is a five week month which means that St. Stephen’s will host the fourth Sunday, August 23, at noon.  Sam and Soraya Polanco will let us know what we need to bring shortly.

Summer Workshop
Liturgy: The Work of the People

Wednesday, July 29, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at St. Agnes’, Little Falls
In this summer evening workshop facilitated by the Rev. Audrey Hasselbrook, we will explore the various ways that lay people can participate more fully in the life of the church. Sponsored by the Empowering People Action Team of Diocesan Council (your very own rector is chair of this team), this is the fifth in a popular series of summer events for the laity of the diocese.
Cost: A minimum donation of $5 for a light supper. Registration deadline: Wednesday, July 22. The event announcement on the website is at this link, including a further link to the flyer for this event:

Drumming Camp Reminder!

Please sign up for the drumming camp as there is a lot of help
needed to make it a success!

The end of August will be ministry-palooza, as we will be serving at St John’s on Sunday, August 23, hosting the Drumming Camp the next week and culminating with Christine’s Kitchen on August 29th!
It happens because volunteers give of their time and talent to create a wonderful community for these children. There is a role for anyone who wants to spend a few hours changing children’s lives.
Blair has set up a sign-up genius so we can start securing volunteers. www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F0845A4AC2BA02-ststephens/2019986
We need to be able to start planning staffing as this is a volunteer heavy effort. Please go to the sign up forms and pick jobs and times.  We need to know who is available and then we can finalize schedules and specific tasks.

Below is more info about timing:
Weekly Schedule
8/23 – after church we will do some of the set up
8/24 – in-service training for all camp staff and volunteers
8/25-8/28 – camp runs from 11-3; volunteers needed from 10:45-3:15
8/29-camp will start at 12 and culminate with a performance in Taylor Park at 2 (this will allow Christine’s Kitchen volunteers to see the performance)

This is the daily schedule for the 8/25-28 block:
11am                          Children arrive
11am-11:30am         Guided play
11:30am-12:15pm   Lunch
12:15pm-1:15pm     Group 1 drums, group 2 crafts
1:15pm-2:15pm       Group 2 drums, group 1 crafts
2:15pm-2:30pm       Circle time
2:30pm-3pm             Snack, guided play
3pm                            Children depart
Everything is subject to change, but we do expect to follow this plan for the most part.

Below is an outline of the various roles

Attentive Adults
These are volunteers who will be on-hand for the entire day.  They will serve as “grandparents on call,”  help with mediating disputes and provide a calming and encouraging presence for the children.  Some of these volunteers should be able to engage in the physical play to a degree as well.  It will be important to have several people in this role who can be present for all or nearly all of the days; others can opt for just a day or two or specific timeslots.
Food Service
Working under the direction of SaraRuth, these volunteers help with serving and preparing food, during the meal times (11:30-12:15 and 2:30-3).  There also need to be volunteers to help with the pick up of donated meals, which may occur at various times during the day.
Clean up Crew
People who will help with end of day clean up (around 3pm), including surveying the facilities to make sure that all spaces are in order (lights, condition of bathrooms etc.)
Arts and Crafts
Plan, organize and present arts/craft projects to the children.  Simpler, interactive and achievable are best bets.  Need both leaders and helpers.  This will be in two shifts, from about 12 to 2:30.
Bus Chaperones
Ride the bus with the children to and from.  Will need to meet the bus in Newark at about 10:30am and will ride back to Newark at about 3pm.  Role is being an adult presence on the bus, keeping order and good cheer among the children
Purchase of Needed Goods
People to procure all items other than food and drums; this would include inexpensive summer toys, chalk, arts supplies, towels, clean up goods.  Most of this would be done prior, but someone should be available to pick up items before the day’s program starts if a gap has been identified.
A counselor leads the children through all their activities.  She/he needs to be empathetic but also to maintain order and engage and interest the children. Calm and positive manner a must.
We need a person to make sure pictures are taken and to publicize, as is possible the program and the performance to media outlets.
Thank you so much.  Feel free to share this with others who might be interested.  For the volunteer roles that are interactive, it is strongly urged you attend the in-service training on the Monday and you may also be asked to complete an Episcopal program on safeguarding children.  More information will be shared soon.


The office will begin summer hours starting next week. We will be closed on Mondays with extended hours Tuesdays through Thursdays. In an emergency call 973-376-0688 ext. 11 to get a number to call for immediate help.

Deadlines!  We need all items for the bulletin and the enews by NOON on Tuesday please, so Claire can get the work laid out and printed timely.  After that, whatever we have, errors and all, will be printed as is.  Thanks for your help.