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Newsletter June 24, 2015 

Reverend Sheelagh’s Thought for the Week: June 24, 2015 

It’s been a week of mixed emotions. One of the seminal moments for me was listening to family members offer forgiveness to a young man motivated by hatred. This is an opportunity to risk something big for something good. Can we as a nation accept that there is much to do, and the next chapter in race relations needs to begin? Will we? Can we? Seize the moment to listen to to the silence in the eye of the storm? Read psalm 130, this Sunday’s psalm. The psalmist catches the human struggle well.

June 29, Monday7:30 pmVestry Meeting in Rectory
July 8, Wednesday10:00 amYouth Mission Trip
Week of August 24-2811:00am – 3:30pmDrumming Camp at St. Stephen’s
August 29, Saturday10.30am – 1pmChristine’s Kitchen
Serving at the Altar Sunday 6/28 & 7/5
8 am Reader:  E. Maurer
8 am Reader:C. Francis
10 am Readers:
1. C. Ehlers
2. N/A
3. E. Pluta
10 am Readers:
1. S. Polanco
2. N/A
3. F. Taber
Chalicist: R. Riedel
Chalicist:J. Scharff
Ushers: Shaun and Lisa LandersUshers: Karry McClellen &  Sydney Davis
Coffee Hour Host: Barbara Riedel
Flowers are given by: Jean James in loving memory of her husband Chuck.
Coffee Hour Host: Maryalice Chech
Flowers are given by: Eugene Foley in loving memory of his father Eugene Foley Sr.

Coffee hosting and flowers 

Please let Eugene or Claire in the office know if you want to donate flowers.
No one has signed up for the coffee hour for the next few weeks.  Please sign up with Susan Dinan.


Congratulations to Eilis Price!

Eilis was chosen by the Diocese to represent St. Stephen’s at the General Convention this week.  Click the link below for the full article.

This year every diocese in the Episcopal Church will convene in Salt Lake city to discuss policy, outreach, and news.  Each Diocese will send their bishop, and a few chosen representatives, adult delegates, and youth delegates, to witness, reflect on, and participate in the committees that are held concerning a variety of subjects (listed below).  As a youth delegate for our dioceses, the diocese of Newark, I would like to be a witness to committees which concern topics that are important to our church, and you its parishioners.  The following are the committees that have been scheduled for the week of the convention, please let me know which of these are most significant to you. My email is, honor.price@gmail.com, and I will be using the St.Stephen’s WordPress account to relay my experiences as they happen.

Dispatch of Business, Constitution & Canons, Governance & Structure, World Mission, Social Justice & International Policy, Social Justice & United States Policy, Congressional Vitality, Evangelism & Communications,  Prayer Book, Liturgy and Church Music,  Formation & Education for Ministry, Church Pension Fund, Ecumenical & Interreligious Relations, Environmental Stewardship & Care of Creation, Privilege & Courtesy, Credentials, Marriage,  Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance, Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse, House of Deputies Resolution Review Committee.


End of Pride Month this weekend – March in NYC

Sunday, June 28 marks the 45th anniversary of the first Gay Pride March in New York City. The Episcopal Church has maintained a presence in this event for many years. Anyone wishing to join with them in Sunday’s march should arrive by 2 p.m. at 37th St. between Madison Ave. and Park Ave.

Global Warming Recognition

We will be ringing our bells at Noon on Sunday to join the International recognition of the Pope’s Encyclical on Global Warming.

Paper Mill Playhouse Free Tickets! 

Paper Mill Playhouse would like to offer all staff and parishioners free tickets to their Vocal Ovation concert this Sunday at 7pm. Each employee/member can get up to two tickets.  Please reply to miller@papermill.org and tickets will be held at the box office under the associated name. Sorry for the limited notice.

A Show Choir Extravaganza, features the top three show choirs in the state of NJ (Think Glee!).


Youth Mission Trip Kick Off!

Wednesday July 8,  10 am, the Youth Mission Trip will meet at House Of Prayer in Newark.  “We will surely make a difference at Apostle’s House and be transformed ourselves in the process.”


Summer Sharing

Over the summer we take a break from Sunday School and have informal sharing time with our youngest members. You can share an activity with the children that is close to your heart, brings you joy, or helps you feel the presence of God. The possibilities are endless: go for a walk in Taylor Park, play a game of soccer or cricket on the lawn, bake a treat, work on a craft, or teach a song. No experience is necessary and if you would like any assistance please contact Denise Price. 917-548-5520.

North Porch – Christmas in July

During the summer supplies for North Porch dwindle, to help support this ministry we are collecting diapers, formula and wipes for infants up to 3 months. Please put donations in the collection bins in the Narthex.


St John’s Kitchen

August is a five week month which means that St. Stephen’s will host the fourth Sunday, August 23, at noon.  Sam and Soraya Polanco will let us know what we need to bring shortly.

Save The Date!

Annual drumming camp dates are Monday (set up) August 24 – Saturday (performance) August 29, 11am to 3:30pm.  Volunteers needed before during and after.  See Claas Elhlers to volunteer.

Summer Music

Soon the Senior Choir will be taking their well-deserved summer vacation. If you would like to make a musical contribution to our 10:00 a.m. services during the summer months, please contact Kim Williams at kkawe@optonline.net or see her at Coffee Hour.  Solos or small ensembles are welcome, vocal or instrumental.

Shakespeare in the Summer?

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Started June 9 2015
All those seriously interested please let Theresa Scharff know ASAP so they can reserve tickets and make travel/dinner plans. Theresa Scharff 908 686 5489.



If you have a mailbox in the church office please don’t forget to pick up your mail, there are quite a few boxes that are very full.