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Newsletter June 3, 2015

Reverend Sheelagh’s Thought for the Week: June 3, 2015

In many ways this is my favorite time of year.  The incredible events of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost are over, and we enter a period of what we call “ordinary” time.  Ordinary time will stretch from Pentecost until Advent – it is marked with the color green.  It is a time that allows us to take a breath and slow down and live into an easier rhythm.  It is not healthy for us to live life in the fast lane all the time, and in a small parish with a big heart that’s often what we do. We have our drumming camp coming up in July, but other than that, we settle into an easier period of parish life.  Yes, there are the graduations, the weddings, celebrations and the better weather to look forward to. So let’s breathe a deep breath, and take a look back at what we have achieved this year.  Ready?  Since labor day, we served at Christine’s Kitchen three times, St John’s three times, hosted IHN for a full week, had a successful Auction fundraiser, supported the Broadway Benefit performance, took the drummers to the Diocesan Convention, held a slew of meetings, had a Vestry Retreat, fixed the roof of the mausoleum (twice), replaced locks and light switches with timers, repaired a leaking water main, fixed some water damaged carpet, repaired the  elevator at the Mausoleum.  We had furnace issues in the rectory, ants in the preschool, and we shoveled and cleared record snowfall.  We had two weddings, two funerals.  All these things are also ordinary, but what this parish does, with so few of us, is quite extraordinary!

David Paul Hegg II Lifetime Achievement Awards

It was an honor for me to be among those presented the David Paul Hegg II Lifetime Achievement Awards this past Sunday.  One of the joyful events of the Evensong was that we sang all SEVEN stanzas of “I Bind Unto Myself Today.”  I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve at St. Stephen’s in many capacities and I appreciate this award.

Sara Ruth Dorn

Sad News

Sadly we announce to our parish family and friends that Trina Debevoise passed away on Pentecost Sunday 24, 2015. The funeral will be held at St Stephen’s on Saturday June 6, at 11:00am. A reception will follow. All are invited to attend. Please keep Dickinson and the family in your prayers.

May light perpetual shine upon her +

June 6, Saturday11:00 amTrina Debevoise’s funeral
June 7, Sunday11:15 amVestry forum
June 18, Thursday4:00 pmPre-school graduation
Week of July 27-313:00pm – 9:00pmDrumming Camp at St. Stephen’s
Serving at the Altar Sunday 6/7 & 6/14
8 am Reader:   Carol Francis
8 am Reader: M. Walker
10 am Readers:
1. J. James
2. B. Churchill
3. E. Pluta
10 am Readers:
1. B. Riedel
2. J. Herry
3. L. Owalabi
Chalicist: Janet Hager

Chalicist: S. Clarke

Ushers: Owen and Patti Moore

Ushers: Sam and Soraya Polanco

Coffee Hour Host: The Vestry
Flowers are given by: Rev. Sheelagh &
St Stephen’s Choir.

Coffee Hour Host: Margo Greenfield


Flowers are given by: Theresa Scharff

Coffee hosting and flowers

Please let Eugene or Claire in the office know if you want to donate flowers. Please sign up for coffee with Susan Dinan.


Forum:  Bulletin Changes, Vestry Projects and Updates
Immediately following services on June 7, Kira Hanson and other members of the vestry will be leading a forum for all church members to discuss some changes and some projects underway here at St. Stephen’s.
Come to get updates on the work the vestry has been doing and some of the initiatives designed to help us be our best.  This will also be an opportunity to discuss the reformatting of the bulletin (and why it was reformatted) and to ask questions about how the vestry is serving the church, its members, the community and St. Stephens’ mission.


IHN Meals Needed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, IHN families will have to stay in a hotel this week.  I know this is short notice and  a busy time for everyone, but I am hoping that some of you might be able to help and prepare dinners for our families.  We need dinners starting Monday, June 1st to Friday, June 5th to be delivered by 5:30pm to IHN headquarters. Your home cooked meals will be most appreciated.
Family breakdown:   4 Adults, 3 teenagers, 2 children and 2, 1 year olds
Allergies:  No pork, nuts, mangoes, pineapple, strawberries or shellfish
As always thank you for your time and help.
If you can help, please contact Margo Greenfield.

Summer Music

Soon the Senior Choir will be taking their well-deserved summer vacation. If you would like to make a musical contribution to our 10:00 a.m. services during the summer months, please contact Kim Williams at kkawe@optonline.net or see her at Coffee Hour.  Solos or small ensembles are welcome, vocal or instrumental.

Shakespeare in the Summer?

The date for the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is flexible for those interested. The original date was listed as July 19 – a Sunday evening. If July 25 – a Saturday, is a better date, please let me know. All those seriously interested please let me know ASAP so we can reserve tickets and make travel/dinner plans. Theresa Scharff 908 686 5489.
All those interested in Shakespeare, outdoor picnics by the Hudson River, and warm summer nights you might like a parish trip to Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival to experience “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” on a Saturday in July. Let me know 908 686 5489 and we can begin a plan.


In the interest of Rev. Derek Darves we are currently relocating the entrance from the back door at the Rectory to the side door on the porch.