17 May

Newsletter, May 17

Rev. Sheelagh’s Thought For The Week
“If you love me…” Is the question we are asked this week.  We should not be too quick to answer.  This is deep stuff, and reluctant as we are to have a silence that might suggest wavering commitment, we should weigh our answer carefully.
What does it mean to love Christ and how does it change our behavior?
“Love one another as I have loved you,” comes to mind, but then we are not Jesus, and we have neither the depth of love nor the sacrificial resolve to do as Jesus does.  We are all just a pale imitation.  A bit like fish sticks compared to real crab!
For me loving God, has always been about an intention to try to follow Christ’s way.  It is to be loving, forgiving, accepting of others even when we disagree.  Being right is a lonely place.  If you love me, is about relationships where respect, dignity and self sacrificial love are the foundations.  And, because none of us is perfect, I am always grateful for the chance to realize my failures and know that I am loved enough to try again.  So how does “If you love me”… affect the way you are?

May 17, 24, 31 & June 7, Wednesday7pm-8:45pmPilgrim
May 20, Saturday10:30am-1pmChristine’s Kitchen
May 21, Sunday11:15amGrocery Gift Card Sunday
May 21, Sunday11:15amNorth Porch Baby Shower
May 21, Sunday11:30am-1pmVestry Meeting


Serving at the Altar  5/21 & 5/28
May 21, 2017
8am Reader: A. Walker
May 28, 2017
8am Reader: N. Sieffert
10am Readers:
1. J. James
2. B. Churchill
3. K. Wade
10am Readers:
1. P. Wick
2. F. Dorn
3. M. Barakat
Chalicist: J. SoughanChalicist: J. Scharff
Ushers: J. & K. Wade
Ushers: S. & L. Landers
Altar Guild: A. Walker & A. Cole
Altar Guild: N. Sieffert & J. James
Coffee Hour: T. Scharff / North Porch Baby Shower
Coffee Hour: Open
Altar Flowers: The Ellingham Family
Altar Flowers: S. & S. Polanco
J. Rossiter

Cemetery Tour Photo Book
A photo book for the October 2016 cemetery tour is now available.  A copy will be on display for inspection at coffee hour this coming Sunday, 21 May.  There also will be a sign-up list and price information for those of you who wish to purchase a copy.

Please Join Us In Prayer As We Search For Our Next Bishop
Gracious God,
We, your people in the Diocese of Newark, give you thanks and praise for your work among us and through us, generation to generation. Lead us in the months ahead as we prayerfully search for our next Bishop. Raise up for us a steadfast steward who will embrace our broad and blessed diversity and uphold the apostolic heritage of your Church. Guide us to a faithful witness who speaks the Gospel truth in love and joy, and intimately knows your Word and world. Direct us, your disciples, in our discernment so our faith may increase and our works glorify your Name. All this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit, be honor and glory throughout all ages. Amen.

May 17, 24, 31 & June 7
 2017 from 7pm-8:45pm
Pilgrim group continues its pilgrimage: interested in going deeper? Meet on Wednesdays from 7pm – 8:45pm in the rectory May through June 7.

Pilgrim is a program of spiritual growth and reflection on Scripture.

New members are welcome –  participation in the first session is not required to join.  Also, while consistent participation is a plus, it is not required that you attend every meeting.  Thanks and hope to see you there!!

Christine’s Kitchen
May 20, 2017 from 10:30am-1pm
We are looking for a small team of people willing to commit to coordinating and managing this ministry.  Please let us know if you can give some of your time and talent to do this worthy outreach.
We serve neighbors in need at Christine’s Kitchen at Holy Trinity in West Orange. Holy Trinity is located at Washington and Main Streets in West Orange.  Parking is on the street.  We can use entrees, fruit, and other foods, as well as volunteers.   If you feel like bringing something additional, do so!  Food will not go to waste.
If you would like to volunteer or contribute, please contact Claas Ehlers at 908 451-0426, or e-mail cehlers@familypromise.org

St. Stephen’s Grocery Gift
Card Fundraiser – This SUNDAY!
May orders for Shop Rite and Kings gift cards will be taken this Sunday to support our operating budget.  If you shop at either Shop Rite or Kings, please consider purchasing gift cards.  Order forms are available in church, on the website http://ststephensmillburn.org or can be emailed to you.
Cash/checks (payable to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church) only, please.
Won’t be able to get to church? No problem, send me an email or call and I’ll place your order!  Forgot your checkbook?  Just drop a check in the mail (attn.:
Grocery Cards c/o St. Stephen’s) or pop it through the mailbox slot at the rectory during the week.
If you haven’t considered using gift cards, ask how this easy and no-cost fundraiser may be right for you!  More info: contact Blair Majtyka, 973-801-1471, blairmajtyka@me.com.   Get into the habit of shopping with gift cards!!

North Porch Baby Shower, May 21, 2017 At Coffee hour
Let’s get ready for the North Porch Baby Shower on Sunday May 21, at Coffee Hour.  This is our main yearly event to offer support and needed baby supplies to the North Porch ministry of the Newark Diocese.  North Porch provides emergency items such as diapers, baby food, infant formula, and toiletries to mother and infants. Collection boxes will be placed in the Narthex beginning Sunday, May 6 for your contributions or you may bring these on May 21 during Coffee Hour.  You may also make a monetary contribution to North Porch. http://www.northporch.org/northporch/
Questions.?  Theresa Scharff  908 686 5489

Save The Date, June 25, 2017 At 7:30pm
The trip on June 25 to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is in the planning process.  If you have any questions give me a call at 908 686 5489. Thanks!! Theresa Scharff


Please note the Parish Office hours are as follows:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9am-4:30pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9am-4:30pm
Friday: 9am-1pm
You may leave a message by phone or e-mail when the office is closed, we will respond to your message when we return.
Thank You.

Dates & Deadlines
If you have any dates or events that need adding to the St. Stephen’s Calendar please send them to Claire, and all articles and e-mails for the newsletter by NOON on Tuesday to church@ststephensmillburn.org.
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