04 Jul

General Convention 3

Dear friends,

These are the observations from Tuesday and Wednesday of General Convention.

On Tuesday the Presiding Bishop Addressed the House of Deputies on the subject of Mission. She explained each of the “marks of mission to the house, then for each one she played a video which summarized what the Episcopal church as a whole thinks of each mark, and finally she called for small group discussions on each mark. I recorded the marks, news of the church, and questions, so that our congregation can, hopefully, discuss them together.

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02 Jul

General Convention 2

Dear Friends,

What a Fantastic morning!  The Episcopal Church approves gay marriage in the church! I get the feeling that in years to come, people will ask me where I was when it happened, and I’ll have to tell them that I was in a dark corner of The Cheesecake Factory hunched over my phone watching the live feed from the floor and hastily scribbling shorthand notes on a napkin.  This post will be all about the debate, and I will post my notes from the regular Tuesday and Wednesday meetings tonight, and a more personal record tomorrow morning, which will be mostly about the atmosphere and experience of General Convention as well as the numerous daily worship services we attended this week.

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